How to Place an Order

If you want to place an order with us, there is some information that you need to know. First you need to make sure you have picked the "correct feeder size for your bird." If you get the size that is to small for your bird, then the feeder can be destroyed by the larger birds, or if you get the size to large for your birds, then the birds will be able to rake the food out or be able to poop in their feeder. This guide can be found on the "Feeder Selection Guide" page.

Once you have selected the feeder for your size bird, decide how you want to place your order. You can call us at (623) 936-9272 or you can fax (480) 393-5116 using our printable order form. We are located in Phoenix, Arizona (we are on mountain time zone). You can place your order over the net using our "secure" online order form. Or if your browser is not capable of using a secure order form, you can send us your order using the "unsecure" order form, or you can print off an order form from the our website, fill it out and mail it to us.

The Bird-Zerk birdfeeder are custom made feeders, it will take approximately 4-6 weeks to make and ship your order (except for the pet size feeder, 2-3 days), we appreciate your patience.

Secure Online Order Form

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